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Allen: Just a note to express how fortunate I feel for having taken your road car racing course. My purpose in attending your school was to re-acquire and sharpen my driving skills in order to be more competent in ordinary road situations, and have some fun and put a big grin on my face. Your schooling attained both objectives. The big grin still ,days later, comes quite unbidden. More importantly I am definitely more competent in at least one respect: the braking exercise on the first morning session ensured that my braking ability was considerably enhanced, so much so that when confronted with a very dangerous situation on my trip to Calgary I was able to avoid a potential ?T- boneing?. South of Calgary while being followed by another vehicle and doing about 110 KMPH a vehicle approached a T intersection at right angles to my direction of travel; the driver seems to have assumed( correctly) that she could pull a safe left hand turn in front of me, however, she had not calculated that the vehicle following me would choose that moment to pass me in which case she would have had a head-on collision if she?d continued. She didn?t. She stopped directly in my path. I had already taken my foot off the accelerator. I don?t remember making a conscious decision(in retrospect there was no room to go to around to my right) but I braked-hard- as I was taught- she could have reached out and caressed the leaping Jaguar on my hood when I came to a stop. I am firmly convinced that prior to my training in your school a very bad accident would have occurred. Thank you. Please continue your newsletter to me- you never know when I might holiday in California with or without Camaro! Best wishes! Bob Chamut, A Very Satisfied Client

Bob Chamut

I attended on Aug 3, 2011 and I would just like to say this was one of the most pleasant customer experiences I have ever had. Firstly the course instructor was calm, pleasant, and informative. Secondly, Allen and his attendant where extremely friendly, and respectful of their customer. You come across so many businesses where the persons are run-down and tired of their jobs and it rubs off on the people attending. You can tell all of you have great passion for your business and it shows. Finally the carting experience was awesome. Too bad we just found out about you now as I am going to refer anyone I can before you shut down. Please keep up the great work and passion! Hopefully the pictures are available soon so I can share with my friends.

Trevor Lawrence

I attended your one day formula car program on Aug 24th 2010 and I just wanted to let you know how I enjoyed your school. You and your team were professional, well prepared, and organized. A great time was had by all who attended. I will gladly recommend your school to all of my friends. I will see you at your winter driving school with my sons.

G Watson

Just wanted to send you a quick message about the awesome time I had this pass Sunday. You and your staff made the day just too much fun. Ed was so patient with me and answered all my questions. He also helped me with turn one until I ran out of luck and had a spin (still fun). Look forward to doing the lapping events with you next year and could you send me some information on the Palm Springs events

Byron S.

This was the first year for our Corporate Championship at the Rexall Edmonton Indy. We wanted to create a unique experience for a small number of our most important sponsors and clients. Allen Berg Racing Schools did an incredible job for us at our site and every single participant raved about the program. Allen and his team created the perfect interactive event for us and we know we’ll have many guests encouraging us to make it an annual event

Mike Burton

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