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Feb 05, 2014

F1 Test at Jerez: A Brief Review

F1 Test at Jerez: A Brief Review

After weeks of waiting, sifting through news stories about who’s driving with who and various sneak peeks of creative car designs, we have finally arrived at the highly anticipated test at Jerez in Spain. There was a lot to look forward to, especially with the new 1.6 liter turbocharged engines, topped off with aerodynamic changes across the board.

The 4-day test was off to a shaky start for the Mercedes team when Hamilton lost control of his car and hit a wall, due to a front-wing failure. But this was not a sign of the week to come for the Mercedes and Mercedes-powered teams. In fact, the top 4 spots were all filled with Mercedes-powered drivers, with McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen showing the fastest time. Felipe Massa with Williams put down the second fastest lap time, followed by Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes, Jenson Button in the McLaren, and Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari.

The 4 days at Jerez brought us a rookie driver topping the charts, an incredibly diverse field of car designs (particularly in nose shapes, and McLaren’s rear suspension setup), and a mixup of success that differed greatly from the norm of the last couple of seasons. Everyone was surprised to see the struggle that the Red Bull-Renault team had faced, with Sebastian Vettel only completing 11 laps and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo only completing 9. Their cars were faced largely with “chassis cooling issues,” in Horner’s words.

But there is still time until the next test at Bahrain, during which these teams will surely be day and night in preparation. Until then, we wait with great anticipation to see and learn about what the 2014 season will carve out for us!