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Mar 19, 2012

Lucas Oil Products


Allen Berg Racing Schools have announced that Lucas Oil Products have been chosen as that organization's "Official Lubricants and Car Care Products" and that Lucas products are now in their racecar's crankcases and gearboxes as well as helping to add sparkle to the sleek bodywork of the school's fast formula cars.

"Our open-wheel race cars have high-strung engines and 5-speed sequential gearboxes that get heavy competition-style use by beginning drivers," Allen Berg noted. "We need the sort of reliability that often even goes beyond that which is needed for a racing car. Our cars are out on the track almost six hours a day, three and four days a week, and we need them to be both reliable and consistently fast as well as clean and shined-up, that's why we've chosen Lucas to ensure those critically-important factors."

Berg, a former Formula 1 driver, understands the value of true high-performance lubricants and car care products. "If one of our cars looks dirty, or one of them has a motor failure, first we look bad, and, second, we lose money and a student wastes a lot of time. We can't afford any of those things to happen."

"Lucas Oil expects to be learning a good deal about our products from ABRS," said Motorsports Manager Tom Bogner. "We'll work with the school to provide the proper lubricants for this extreme use environment and supply a range of our car care products to make the outside of these machines 'work' as well the insides. We learn something at every level of competition from NHRA Top Fuel to AMA Motocross. Racing is exciting, but we get more out of than just thrills... It's our public proof of concept. "