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Just wanted to comment that the four of us all had one of the best family get-togethers in a long time. Thanks for a great memorable experience…we hope to find a mutually-convenient day to do it again real soon! Harvey W.

Harvey W. June 2013

I attended the lapping session Wednesday 5-8-13 and must say this is the best racing school I have attended to date. I have attended several others and must make it known how Very professional Allen's staff is, the cars are top notch, and the data system and review after each session exceeded my expectation. I traveled from Tampa to attend the lapping day session and recommend anyone looking at attending a racing school to go to Allen Berg and experience this for your self.

Jason Bell

YEA..... most fun you can have with cloths on!... GREAT STAFF..... THANKS AGAIN , can't wait to go back

John L

Thank you! I must say few things in life are this much fun. I have always had a passion for driving and cars this only increased the feeling. My complements to the staff for your help and welcoming all the students to your school, making us all feel valued and relaxed making driving that much better. It was wonderful to meet Mr. Berg himself as well. I was not expecting such a hands on experience its a welcome change that most others should take a note of. Thank You again!

Kurt Gladwin

To the ABRS staff- Many thanks to each and everyone of you. This day far exceeded my expectations. From the classroom instruction, to the most fun mini-van ride i have ever been in, I walked away with a huge smile. I've watched my gopro footage over, and over again, and each time I start trying to figure out when my next free day is going to be to come back out again. Thank you all again for such an incredible experience!


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