Drivers Visor Camera Video Footage

USD $ 70.00

Latest technology POV cameras for motorsport, mounted in the drivers helmet that record video from drivers perspective. Take your footage away at the end of the day in a micro SD card!



6 Unique Benefits!

  • Positions – In the helmet or Under your visor, right above your eyes.
  • Safe – No fixing problems. Safe fastening by Velcro® straps.
  • Design – A sporty line with a rich choice of color shades and personalization.
  • Discreet – A unique positioning and a perfect ergonomics shape.
  • Aerodynamic – Respect the air penetration coefficient.
  • Simple – Quick installation, only one button to do everything, 3 seconds to start recording!


  • 75 minutes of battery life
  • 64gb max. memory capacity
  • 1080 Full HD quality
  • 40 grams

Cambox mkv3