Mikel Miller
Formula Car Coaches

Mikel Miller has made a living racing cars for the past 30 years. Within that time frame he has raced and tested countless different types vehicles from Manufacturer Prototypes to Vintage race cars.

While Mike is fortunate to gain racing experience nearly every week, he truly enjoys sharing the learning opportunities and enthusiasm with others.

Mikel founded M2 Motorsports in the 90’s. Since that time he has used his business as a platform for racing, precision driving, coaching, teaching, karting, track events, and engineering among many other automotive and sports related experiences.

As Entrepreneurs, he and his wife Camilla have branched out into other businesses while growing their family. Living on the Monterey peninsula provides opportunities for them to pursue other passions in addition to their professional ones. Mike and his family are always searching for adventure including but not limited to Surfing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Running, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Stick and Ball Sports and being active members of their community.