Advanced Code 3 Emergency Response Driving Program

ABRS is partnering with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Easydrift Technology to operate a unique 2-day Code 3 Emergency Response Advanced Driving Program

The Code 3 Program is designed for first responders who engage in emergency response while operating a vehicle with lights and sirens.

Exceptional Training Facility

The program is located at the Columbia County Sheriff Emergency Vehicle Operation & Training Centre. This ‘leading edge’ facility is purpose-built, under the direct supervision of Columbia County Sheriff Clay Whittle, specifically for these types of programs. The facility is located in Appling, GA, which is 30 miles west of Augusta Regional Airport and 138 miles east of Atlanta International Airport.

Code 3 program facility
Chargers code 3 emergency driver training

Program Design and Curriculum

We incorporate the use of technologies that are commonly used in Motorsports, including onboard cameras, data logging systems, as well as simulator training. Classroom time is purposely limited to address the specifics of vehicle handling and operation that are relevant to high-speed emergency response driving. This allows maximum driving time over the two-day program; on the large driving range and 1.2 mile test track.

The program is operated using specially prepared police vehicles providing high-performance driving and skid recovery skills training. The vehicles are equipped with onboard cameras and data logging systems to establish a 1 on 1 feedback and correction for each student. 

In-Depth On-Track Activities

On-track activities include skid recovery/avoidance, low coefficient of grip autocross, braking and cornering, and high-speed lapping on the 1.2-mile test track. Classroom time covers vehicle dynamics, driver control and inputs, advanced braking and cornering techniques, video, data debriefing sessions, and simulator training.  

The program is designed to increase the student’s skills, awareness, and ability to drive a vehicle at higher speeds while multitasking under stress in any environment and weather condition. Prepare for 2 days of nonstop activities. 

Code 3 driving on track activities

Book Code 3 Emergency Driving Program

USD 1,995

This program is only available to accredited/active Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military, and Security Protection personnel.