Advanced Training Systems

Allen Berg Specialized has expertise in advanced driver training – away from the race track – using custom curriculum formed from years of experience in high performance driving.

Custom programs to train the internal design, engineering and R+D staff on fundamentals of vehicle handling and dynamics in a safe environment.

Pass / fail automotive training programs for companies in the contracted local delivery businesses (packages, food, more) and ride sharing industries that have exploded since the onset of COVID.

Ongoing training and driver certification programs ensuring that fleet and contract drivers stay current in their safe driving skill sets.

Training programs that create the opportunity for drivers to apply and practice accident avoidance maneuvers, vehicle dynamics, car control and advanced driving skills in supervised, safe and controlled environments, and on dirt, or on dry, wet or snow-covered pavement.

Custom programs that highlight world-class high-performance driving techniques while demonstrating the overall capability and prowess of high-performance vehicles, utility vehicles and even luxury vehicles.

Training programs using a variety of automobiles, from ATVs used in law enforcement, search and rescue and more, to multi-axle tractor-trailers used in construction, on mining and oil field dirt roads, and everything in between.

Allen Berg Specialized can work with your team to create customized, specialized training which meet and exceed your objectives. And by implementing ABRS internal/external driver safety training programs, companies enjoy the reinforced positive social responsibility messaging that comes with having highly skilled, professionally trained drivers.