Manufacturer Driver Training Programs

Allen Berg Motorsports provides high-level manufacturer safety training and high-performance driver training programs, for employees and test driving personnel. These programs operate on most vehicle platforms, in all conditions, at locations across North America on a year-round basis.

The benefits of ABRS operating and developing driver training programs based on Manufacturer vehicles would include the following:

Train internal staff on fundamentals of vehicle handling & dynamics in a safe environment
Training & Evaluation of staff by a reputed third party agency specializing in high-level driver training
Allow current and prospective customers to experience and appreciate your products in a safety and performance-oriented driving environment
Positively showcase the features of your products and their related benefits in key market areas
Reinforce social responsibility by implementing internal/external driver safety training programs
Unique driver training and competition programs
Fortify customer and staff loyalty and belief in your product
Involvement with unique ABRS Core Concepts and Teaching Methodology as developed through years of experience at the elite high-performance driving level addition of a reputable third party agency specializing in high-level driver training to promote your products
Opportunity for drivers to apply and practice accident avoidance maneuvers and advanced driving skills in a supervised, safe and controlled environment
Create an awareness of the significance of excessive speed thereby creating better judgment by drivers
Improve vision and awareness skills to identify potential driving hazards
Teach, develop and compliment world-class high-performance driving techniques while demonstrating the overall capability and prowess of vehicle performance, utility and even luxury vehicles.
Provide support to your existing programs which involve a driving component such as dealer training, manufacturer promotions/displays, etc.

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