The Berg Racing Team Story

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The berg racing team story

When former Formula One Championship driver Allen Berg decided to build a racing school, his vision wasn’t just one of training elite drivers or starting a race team. 

Berg grew up driving and subsequent to his driving career, ran his own team, Scuadra Fortia, in the North American Toyota Atlantic Series. He learned a great deal about racing but even more about the business side of modern motor racing and what it takes to build a successful, close-knit team. 

In 2007, Berg launched Allen Berg Racing Schools (ABRS) – a premier program designed to bring racing dreams to life and train drivers with the latest technologies and tools. 

The Bergs also started a motorsport competition service named Berg Racing, partnered with his son, Alex, an SMX racing champion and F4 Racing Driver. Together, the pair offers full driver support in the highly competitive Mazda MX5 Spec Series and the JSF4 championship

In this post, we’ll dive into the story behind Berg Racing, its role in the world of professional racing, and how this team has made its name. 

The Vision and Mission of Berg Racing

With nearly half a century of experience at all levels of motorsport, Allen Berg has taught over 10,000 students since he opened his first driving school in 2007. He intimately understands the plight of drivers who need consistent and accurate driving experience and who can greatly benefit from first-rate equipment and support as early as possible. 

It was this understanding that led him to create Berg Racing with his son. The goal was to replace sub-par recruitment and poor track support with a program that can make a real difference in drivers’ lives, supporting fast growth and impressive results (both on and off the track). 

Today, Berg Racing provides its drivers with the best possible equipment and support available in the MX5 and F4 paddocks. The program is hallmarked by its high standards for integrity, dedication, and sportsmanship, as well as extreme levels of preparation and attention to detail. 

As Allen Berg has said, “Berg Racing isn’t just about lending much-needed support to young drivers. It’s about making drivers feel like a part of the family and positioning them for long-term career and personal success”. 

Comprehensive Racing Packages

Spec mx5 at vir

Berg Racing provides driver support throughout the entire roster of MX5 events series, including services at more than 20 racetracks throughout the country. Team drivers also gain access to a long list of other services, including:

  • Arrive & drive racing
  • Expert race car preparation and alignment
  • Full test and race support
  • High-level driver coaching
  • New car builds
  • Race car rentals
  • At-track technical assistance
  • Race car repairs

When asked about this range of services, Berg Senior explained, “Having the right tools from the start really makes a difference in driver growth and results. Our mission is to provide our drivers with safe, competitive, and pristine racecars combined with comprehensive professional support.”

With the experienced pair of Bergs at the helm of this program, drivers can rest assured knowing they’re in the hands of seasoned professionals who actually care about their success. 

Winning from the Workshop

Alex berg mx5 first place with nick moore

In motorsports, success isn’t measured solely by podium finishes; it’s forged in the workshop, where meticulous preparation lays the foundation for victory. That’s why the Berg Racing Team only uses the latest and greatest equipment when preparing for races.

“It’s fantastic to see another professional outfit join the Spec MX-5 field for 2024,” stated Justin Cornelison, the Spec MX-5 Series Manager. “Allen’s wealth of top-tier motorsport expertise, coupled with his son Alex’s impressive track record as a formidable contender in SMX over the past few years, surely enhances the overall competitive landscape. Berg Racing’s dedication to a nationwide, multicar initiative undoubtedly highlights the elevated club racing experience on offer within Spec MX-5.”

Joining the Berg Racing Family

When you join Berg Racing, you become a part of the family.

This team is composed of a tightly knit group of dedicated professionals who all share the same goal: WINNING through preparation, integrity, dedication, persistence, attention to detail, and sportsmanship.

As a mentor and father, Allen Berg has repeatedly emphasized that he wants Berg Racing to offer unparalleled support and camaraderie to all of its drivers. 

Although the team is based in Georgia, it currently includes racers from around the country, including Adam Gonazles (Washington), Harbir Dass (Ohio), and Ricardo Arruda (California). 

About the Mazda MX-5 Spec Series

Berg racing team mazda mx5-8

Mazda Motorsports continues to spearhead the promotion of grassroots motorsport racing through its groundbreaking initiative, the Spec MX-5 Championship. This competition complements Mazda’s steadfast support for emerging talent, giving young racers two opportunities to prove themselves:

  1. Karts to Cars shootout: Selected National level kart racers are invited to participate in an annual competition in which 2 drivers are selected to compete in a fully funded ride of the Mazda Spec MX-5 series with the Mazda Factory Team.
  1. Mazda MX5 Shootout: Selected Mazda series competitors are invited to participate in an annual competition shootout where 3 drivers will win Mazda sponsorship for a combined value of $260,000.

In short, Spec MX-5 offers a path for both entry-level and experienced club racers to compete as either a destination class or gateway to professional racing. 

Need to include the info about USA F4 and DMG academy

About The Berg Racing Formula 4 Team 

Doran motorsports f4 competition

The Berg Racing F4 Team, part of the Allen Berg Racing Schools, is dedicated to nurturing and developing the skills of young, aspiring race car drivers. With the launch of FIA Formula 4 in 2014, a new era of open-wheel racing began, aimed at providing a structured and intelligent starting point for drivers embarking on their professional motorsport journey. 

The Berg Racing F4 Team embodies this vision, offering a robust platform for talent progression within the globally recognized Formula 4 framework.

Central to the Berg Racing F4 Team’s program is the Ligier JS Formula 4 car, specifically designed as an ideal learning tool for drivers new to open-wheel racing. Known for its balance of performance and safety, the Ligier JS F4 car allows drivers to hone their skills and adapt to the nuances of open-wheel dynamics.

By participating in the Berg Racing F4 Team, drivers gain invaluable experience and exposure in a professional racing environment. This experience serves as a critical stepping stone for those aiming to progress to higher tiers of motorsport, such as FIA Formula 3 and beyond.

DMG Academy: A Strategic Collaboration

Dmg academy logo

In collaboration with the Doran Motorsports Group (DMG), Allen Berg Racing Schools has proudly introduced the DMG Academy, a pioneering initiative designed to bridge the gap between karting and car racing. 

This innovative program is dedicated to providing young drivers with a structured and supportive environment to transition smoothly from karting to open-wheel racing. It aims to nurture and guide young talent within the ABRS and DMG organizations, providing aspiring drivers with a clear, personalized path to success. 

Asad nikadambaev in liger f4 with dmg academy trainer

Key features of the DMG Academy include:

  • Controlled Seat Time: Providing drivers as young as 13 with structured and supervised seat time, ensuring they gain essential on-track experience in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Expert Coaching and Mentorship: Access to world-class coaching, guidance, and mentorship from experienced racing professionals, helping young drivers refine their skills and understand the intricacies of open-wheel racing.
  • Financial Planning Support: Offering financial planning assistance for parents, ensuring that the investment in their child’s racing career is managed effectively and sustainably.
  • Customized Development Pathways: Tailored programs that align with each driver’s unique abilities and career aspirations, facilitating a smooth transition from junior karting to higher levels of motorsport.

The DMG Academy represents a strategic effort to shape the future of motorsports by developing the next generation of racing talent. By providing young drivers with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to succeed, the Academy is helping to create a sustainable and dynamic motorsport ecosystem.

In Summary

Allen Berg might be retired from professional racing himself, but that hasn’t stopped him from training and supporting some of the leading talent entering the field now – including his own son. 

Whatever level of experience you might have, you’re welcome at Allen Berg Racing Schools. To learn more about joining the Berg Racing Team, call 888 722-3220 or reach out online

Berg Racing invites you to explore the full package to become the best, most well-rounded driver you can possibly be – and to achieve your full potential both on and off the track.

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