When you get your first close-up look at one of the sleek single-seat race cars at ABRS you'll note that some "options" like power windows and heated seats were not on the build sheet. 

Racecar performance 1

And … no, sorry, you won’t find a cup holder or a MP3 port in the Tatuus Renault Formula 1600 either.  But once you’ve been behind the wheel of one of these pure racing machines for a few exhilarating laps you'll find yourself starting to wish that you were driving one every day.

Here's a bit closer look at some of the technical details and features that make driving one of these little rockets as addictive as online shopping and more fun than (just about) anything!


0 - 60 mph in under 4 seconds

Top Speed 130 MPH

Cornering force 2.0 G

Braking force 2.0 G

See how we capture your race data? →


Monocoque Chassis are 100% Carbon Fiber vs other schools which use tube frame chassis (1960’s technology).  You’ll feel the sort of precision feedback that real racecars immerse their drivers in every lap.  You’ll know about every input instantly, almost before it happens.  The experience is simply like no other in racing.


The gear boxes are “sequential” transmissions 1,2,3,4,5 up and 5,4,3,2,1 down. This allows the driver to smoothly make critical racing gear changes at a faster and more consistent rate, with less possibility of missed shifts; something quite common (and not much fun) with antiquated "H-pattern" technology.


Built in Italy by Specialist Racing Constructors Tatuus.  This is the latest formula technology: both front wheels act on a single spring and shock absorber unit mounted on the top of the chassis, connected to the wheels by means of a “pushrod”.  This system reduces both weight and air resistance making for a faster racecar. This type of suspension is found on all advanced formula race cars at the top levels of racing.

140 HP Fuel-Injected 4 cylinder 1600 cc Engine

AIM Onboard Data Acquisition Computer

Each race car at Allen Berg Racing Schools is equipped with an AIM onboard data acquisition computer. These computers record driver, engine and chassis information, which is then used by our coaches to analyze driver performance and aid in enhancing their understanding of car dynamics and driving skills. These systems are commonplace at all levels of racing but seldom used in racing schools. Our data systems constantly monitor a wide range of driver and racecar parameters including:

  • Speed
  • Lap and track section times
  • Engine revs
  • Cornering / acceleration / braking force
  • Driving Line through GPS tracking
Monoshock pushrod suspension
140 hp fuel-injected 4 cylinder 1600 cc engine


This is the same state-of-the-art video recording system used by professional racing teams.  Footage from the student's onboard camera is uploaded onto an SD card, available for students to take home to study and to share with family and friends.

DRIVING NOTE: As cool and intriguing as all of the above "specs" are, there's little that can prepare even the most experienced driver who hasn't driven a full carbon fiber formula car on a fast road course. The feel and feedback in one of these ABRS machnines is so beyond what even the most exotic of road cars offer that you'll need to keep telling yourself to "Breathe, breathe!" for the first few laps.  Relax ... look ahead ... enjoy ... go fast!

*Add $100 on One Day Basic, One Day and Advanced Day Programs to get the Onboard Video System


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