Specialized Training


Autonomous/Driverless Training Systems

Allen Berg Specialized - Autonomous/Driverless Training Systems can provide specialized training and evaluation programs anywhere in the U.S.A.
Programs can be on private testing grounds or race track facilities, or we can provide specialized programs for training in states that have passed legislation for public road testing of driverless and autonomous technologies.


Electrified Training Systems

Allen Berg Specialized - Electrified Training Systems creates specialized programs for teaching the driving skill sets necessary to properly operate electric vehicles. We Specialized teaches the driving skills necessary for optimum battery life (range), optimum regenerative braking re-charging as well as high-performance training related to electric motor torque and advanced driver-assist / connected car technologies.


Advanced Training Systems

Allen Berg Specialized has expertise in advanced driver training – away from the race track – using custom curriculum formed from years of experience in high performance driving.

Custom programs to train the internal design, engineering and R+D staff on fundamentals of vehicle handling and dynamics in a safe environment.

Manufacturer driver training programs

OEM Program

Allen Berg Motorsports provides high-level manufacturer safety training and high-performance driver training programs for employees and test-driving personnel. These programs operate on most vehicle platforms, in all conditions, at locations across North America on a year-round basis.