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ABRS and DMG Partner To Offer Private F4 Testing Program

To advance your driving skills, you need the ideal combination of race car, engineering prowess, experienced race team and professional coaching.

Enter DMG and Allen Berg Racing Schools (ABRS) who are thrilled to announce a strategic alliance to offer programs for ABRS grads in the DMG Ligier JS F4 race car.

Helping develop drivers towards success in all levels of motorsports.

Ligier JS Formula 4

The Ligier JS Formula 4 car was designed to be the ideal learning tool for drivers who may have never experienced open wheel cars before. ABRS graduates who are serious about developing their on-track prowess will have the opportunity to experience a program customized specifically for their skillset and career development goals.

For those with access to iRacing, two hours of free online coaching is included. Alexander Berg, an accomplished sim and real race driver and coach, will prepare you for your F4 program.

Doran motorsports f4 competition 11
Doran motorsports f4 competition

FIA Formula 4

Launched in 2014, FIA Formula 4 was created to offer young race car drivers around the world the opportunity to intelligently begin their open-wheel racing journey. This truly global formula has grown to include 11 regions globally all who operate official Championships, including the USA.

About DMG

DMG is a group dedicated to the spirit of motorsport and the tradition of success.  In 2018, DMG expanded its motorsport program to include its first step into open wheel racing: the Ligier JS F4. We saw no better platform to invest in than the F4, as it provides a productive and affordable platform for drivers to further their motorsports career into open-wheel racing. DMG employs a formula inherent to the importance of professionalism, vehicle dynamics, motorsports principles, and driver development.

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