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A fact of life in the operation of a high-profile, well-regarded business is that purveyors of top quality goods and services often desire to be directly involved. It's natural to want to be on board with a winning team. Allen Berg represents that sort of situation. A number of carefully selected long-term business partners have found that associating with ABRS has not only boosted their business but has also improved company morale and a special distinction to their public perception.

Associating with ABRS not only paints a high performance picture for sponsors but also displays their sense of faith in the future as new generations of young drivers are properly trained to pursue their dreams.

Direct Investment Opportunities

A properly run racing school is one of the few business ventures in the racing industry that can generate a financial return. Our experience, abilities and reputation are part of a proven company that has trained thousands of racing students across N. America, all by using the best people and top equipment while maintaining a lean and highly efficient operation. At this juncture, there exists a number of investment opportunities with Allen Berg Racing Schools Inc. and/or Allen Berg Motorsports USA Inc. Our senior management always welcomes the opportunity to meet with potential investors.

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We will deal with any and all inquiries in regards to the above opportunities on a priority basis.

We thank you for your interest and encourage your enquiries with respect to forming a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership in an industry that's as thrilling as it is viable and as rewarding as it is unique.

If you would like to talk about joining us in this exciting venture please, give me a call today! – Allen Berg, (888)722-3220