Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Track Guide

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Road atlanta track guide

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of visiting a world-renowned race track like Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. The track is located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and has been renowned for its challenging layout since it first opened over 50 years ago.

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta truly stands out as a premier destination for racers and fans across the country, and around the world. So, what makes this track so special? This guide is designed to provide an in-depth look at the track and help you prepare for your next visit.

Track History

Michelin raceway road atlanta history

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta’s multi-purpose racing facility has been a fixture in the motorsport community since its opening in 1970. Situated on 750 acres in the rolling hills of Northeast Georgia (just an hour outside of Atlanta), the track is one of the most iconic and historic racing venues in North America.

The first race at what was previously known simply as “Road Atlanta” took place on September 13, 1970. Some of the best drivers in the world competed in the inaugural race, including Denis Hulme, Peter Revson, and race winner Tony Dean. Stirling Moss, one of the most iconic names in motorsport history, was the Grand Marshal. A massive crowd of spectators was on hand to watch the most sophisticated race cars of the time compete in the 75-lap event.

Despite its initial success, the track went through some ups and downs over the next few decades. It was sold in 1978 and went through a number of owners in a short period of time, which resulted in a lack of stability. The owners during this period did their best to maintain the track, but without consistent stewardship, the facility was in need of some major upgrades.

It wasn’t until Don Panoz bought Road Atlanta in 1996 that the track really began to take off again. Panoz invested a tremendous amount of time and money into improving the facility. Most notably, he upgraded the track to make it safer for drivers and added some much-needed amenities to enhance the spectator experience.

The investment paid off, and Road Atlanta regained its stature as one of the premier racing facilities in the United States. In 2019, under new ownership, Michelin agreed to become the title sponsor for the track, and it was renamed Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

Track Layout and Characteristics

Road atlanta track map

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is 2.54 miles long, with 12 turns winding their way through the scenic Georgia countryside. The track provides drivers with a mix of high-speed straights, fast and technical corners, and elevation changes throughout. This variety of challenges makes Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta one of the most exciting venues for drivers of all skill levels.

Some of the more notable sections of the track include:

  • The iconic “esses” of turns 3,4, and 5.
  • 80-foot drop in elevation from the top of turn 11 to the bottom of turn 12.
  • The long and fast back straightaway.
Road atlanta map

The track surface is exceptionally smooth and grippy thanks to the high-quality asphalt used for repaving projects in recent years. It also features several runoff areas, which help reduce the risk of injury in case drivers find themselves off-track.

Spectator Experience

Spectator hill road atlanta

In addition to offering a thrilling race experience, Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta also provides a great atmosphere for spectators. There are several viewing areas around the track, with plenty of shade and seating. The main grandstands offer excellent views of the circuit, while other locations provide up-close looks at some of the more technical sections of the course.

The track also features a variety of amenities to keep spectators entertained. There are several on-site concession stands and a merchandise shop where fans can purchase official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta apparel. There are also a number of activities and attractions to explore, including the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta and Panoz Museum featuring historic race cars and displays about the history of the track.

Tailgating is popular at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, and many fans take advantage of the spacious grounds to set up their own tailgating spots. There are also designated areas for camping, which provides yet another great way for fans to make the most of their race weekend.

Racing at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

Michelin raceway road atlanta experience

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta hosts a variety of racing events throughout the year. These include amateur and professional series hosted by SCCA, NASA SE, IMSA, and more. Many of these events feature world-class drivers competing in some of the most exciting racing action you can find.

Upcoming Events at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta will host many exciting events throughout 2023, including:


As you can see, Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is a diverse and exciting venue for all kinds of racing events. From amateur series to professional competitions, the track has something for everyone. So, whether you’re an avid fan or just starting out in the racing world, this racetrack is sure to have something that will keep you entertained.

If you’re looking to hone your racecar driving skills, Allen Berg Racing Schools offers a variety of courses to help you master all 12 corners of Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. From beginner-friendly introductions to advanced techniques, these classes will teach you how to drive better and faster on this world-class track. Our professional instructors have years of experience and will provide you with personalized advice to help you reach your goals.

Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to helping you take your racing skills to the next level!

Images credit to Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta website and Facebook page.

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