ABRS Travels to The Thermal Club for Special 3-Day Event

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ABRS Travels to The Thermal Club for a Special 3-Day School

Abrs travels to the thermal club for a special 3-day school

Allen Berg Racing Schools recently had the privilege to pay a visit to The Thermal Club near Palm Springs, CA, to host a special weekend of our services for a few selected drivers. The Thermal Club is the host to one of the highest class private racing facilities in the world. We had the honor to work with some great staff, and to teach drivers of a range of experience how to properly manage our formula cars around the 1.8 mile South Palm circuit (one of the three road racing tracks at the facility).

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As with any new racing circuit, lap times spread across a wide range of cars and drivers still perfecting their lines and braking/acceleration points. To make matters more fun for everyone, our cars were the first fleet of formula cars to set a wheel on the course. With the grippy Hankook tires building up heat throughout the days, we saw lap times improve more and more throughout the weekend, many students were taken aback at how much they could actually push the cars through some of the faster corners. Once everyone got more and more comfortable in the cars, our coaches were able to continually feed them more advanced techniques to further improve their lap times.

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As expected, there were a few spins here and there, but our coaches guided them through avoiding these mistakes and improving their driving with the help of the onboard GoPro camera videos and MoTeC data acquisition systems. These tools enable drivers at all levels to really visualize and understand how they are performing on the track, in order to fine tune their driving techniques for the better. MoTeC systems have been widely used in IndyCar and the American Le Mans Series, and Allen Berg Racing Schools is one of the very few racing schools in the world to utilize this technology. It was overall a fantastic event for our staff and drivers, and we owe great thanks to The Thermal Club for having us out to help break in the new race course.


For more information about The Thermal Club, click here.

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