Meleta Mccullough

Attended the April 9th session at Fontana and I had no idea what to expect but the whole experience exceeded my expectations. And I haven't stopped smiling since... I had a very bad car accident a couple of years ago and been trying to recover mentally and physically from that and this was exactly what I needed to get some self confidence and put a smile back on my face. I got separated from the group because I was NOT going to be the one in my group to spin out in the car so slowed down on the curves and the group took off without me but the day was brighten by finding out who was in the Porsche leading me around the track and getting to meet Allen Berg at the end. I love all forms of racing but now I have even more appreciation for the drivers and now a bigger fan of the sport. Looking forward to scheduling another session to add to my already great experience. Thank you Allen and your entire staff... It was a AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!


To the ABRS staff- Many thanks to each and everyone of you. This day far exceeded my expectations. From the classroom instruction, to the most fun mini-van ride i have ever been in, I walked away with a huge smile. I've watched my gopro footage over, and over again, and each time I start trying to figure out when my next free day is going to be to come back out again. Thank you all again for such an incredible experience!

Kurt Gladwin

Thank you! I must say few things in life are this much fun. I have always had a passion for driving and cars this only increased the feeling. My complements to the staff for your help and welcoming all the students to your school, making us all feel valued and relaxed making driving that much better. It was wonderful to meet Mr. Berg himself as well. I was not expecting such a hands on experience its a welcome change that most others should take a note of. Thank You again!

John L

YEA..... most fun you can have with cloths on!... GREAT STAFF..... THANKS AGAIN , can't wait to go back

Harvey W. June 2013

Just wanted to comment that the four of us all had one of the best family get-togethers in a long time. Thanks for a great memorable experience…we hope to find a mutually-convenient day to do it again real soon! Harvey W.

Mike D. June 2013

Amazing, great people great fun you think it looks so easy as it does on tv but you learn your not bad a_ _ as think you are.

Tony Matter

This is a must do for all Gear Heads! You want to make sure and scratch this one off the old bucket list...The staff really will make sure you get bang for your buck. Trust me, this is the one speeding ticket you will not regret.. unlike the other more expensive one that you do not actually write.


I saw a deal for the Indy Car driving lessons on my local Amazon Deals and thought it would be a great present for 2 of my sons. As the gift giver, getting the text "You're the best. I'm gonna try to get my license to race", was an absolutely amazing feeling. Allen and company were wonderful to deal with and answered all my questions. This was one of the best gift giving experiences of my life.

Rolf van de Velde

For me it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever had. Growing up in Europe, watching and admiring the sport of Formula 1, this experience has been the closest I have gotten to actually get a sense of the excitement and challenges of racing such cars. Allen and his team are extremely professional and focused on safety, yet make the entire experience ultimate fun at the same time. I am looking forward to racing again soon, and bringing family and friends. Oh, I think some bragging rights are included too.