Scott Hulme

Without question, the experience of a lifetime. A memory maker you will never forget. Truly an "investment" in joy vs. an "expense" for entertainment. ABRS in a league of its own. Instructors are world class; all competitive racers with a compelling desire to ensure your growth, safety, and enjoyment. Quality and quantity of instruction is invaluable; video, in car data, lectures, one on one mentoring. Equipment is stellar; new, clean, trustworthy, top notch (on site mechanics are quite skilled). And they do not miss the peripheral items such as food & beverage; excellent and they gladly met the needs of someone who had special dietary constraints. Support staff is quite professional and friendly. We will be back for certain!Sc


I've just realized that I have not said THANK YOU to you for Aide's driving instruction last Wednesday - he thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a huge amount which he is putting into practice - he drove us to and from the Catalina Exprerss last weekend and both Ellen and I commented on how his driving had improved, both with confidence behind the wheel but also in his awareness of things going on around him on the road! All good stuff - THANK YOU.

Nate Morton

Attending Allen Berg Racing School, it was my hope to gain a tiny amount of experience driving an open wheel race car and have a more immersive concept of what driving a Formula 1 car might be like. Although the Formula cars at ABRS aren't as powerful as the Lewis Hamilton Mercedes, I definitely got what I was looking for and more. The instructors are extremely knowledgable and capable of disseminating a tremendous amount of information in a clear and concise way. I learned skills that will be forever useful to me on and off the track! Thank you to Allen and all of the instructors at ABRS for an experience I will never forget!

Mickey Giacomazzi

I’ve been to a few Racing Schools, both Motorcycles and Cars, Alan and his crew are top notch and first class in all aspects of running an informative and smooth running operation. The pace of the day was perfect, balancing off track information as well as on track skills while in the car. For me, it’s all about the seat time. The two day course gave me everything I needed for a smile that lasted weeks after leaving the Track. I Purchased the two day course for my wife who is a fomer motorcross racer. Her comment was that “her adrenaline level was exactly where she wanted it.”

Marvin Wayne, Bellingham, Washington

Now with many driving experiences with Allen, I can tell you they only get better. My skill level has increased as has my "fun" level. His program gets better each time. Highly recommend.

John Frere III, The Woodlands, Texas

Allen, Your engagement and passion for excellence is unrivaled. Your attention to each detail for each driver was so evident. Thoroughly enjoyed every segment of our school. I am very much looking forward to the next event.


Your operation is beyond anything I've ever seen before or been involved with I have passed on my visit with you to half a dozen of my friends just wish you were closer like Sebring or Daytona or Homestead... In either case thank you very much and I wish you a safe healthy and peaceful new year

Andrea Figueroa, Nissan Chile

My group and I came from Chile to have this amazing experience, Allen is great host and his team are very professional, they adapt us a special activity that works perfect for us, and right from the beginning everything was perfect for our short schedule I will gladly recommend Allen Berg Racing Schools Thanks to the entire staff at Allen Berg Racing Schools.

Al Fritz

We would like to thank you for taking time to speak at our Spring Safety Seminar. Your presentation and knowledge on Driver Competencies in the Oil and Gas Industry was insightful and beneficial. Our personnel who attended the seminar have learned the proper skills and techniques of defensive driving that they will be able to apply daily.