B Sawchuck

My son and I participated in a race event in the US last week. We rented some shifter Karts in the evening as well. Just wanted to let you know that , my son drove those shifter Karts like he was Allen Berg. When I was behind him I was thinking about your lectures to him regarding using up all the track, the line etc. He did very well in both the shifter carts and the formula cars . Surprised me actually. He thrashed me soundly! Thank you for the lessons well spent on my son.

Z Burke

Thanks so much for the amazing 2 day formula car experience i had so much fun and learned more then i ever could have imagined!

Vic Elford

I still remember that you are probably the only driver I ever sat with who I thought was as good, as quick and as safe as me in the rain!

Kathryn M.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for a fabulous day yesterday. Jim said that he had very serious fun and had a grin on his face from ear to ear last night (and had one the whole day as well!). Thank you so very much for fitting us in. Jim loved it all. Your staff were wonderful too. Please pass on our compliments to them as well. Thank you again for making Jim’s 60th so memorable.

Dan B.

I'd just to say that I enjoyed your Intro School and followup lapping session immensly today. You and your staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and most importantly safety focused. I won't hesitate to return for more lapping sessions in the future.

R Bissell

Hi Allen: I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful driving experience Saturday morning. Everything first class and 5 stars for ABRS

Adam Bl. and Ken S.

Thank you for making our half day Formula program so enjoyable. Recently we were in Las Vegas and attended the R______ P____ Driving school. We spent almost as much money as your program and were only in the car for eight minutes. We were only allowed to follow the Coaches at his pace for 6 timed laps. We were not allowed to understand the full potential of the car or the track. Your half day program allowed for ample track time and it was great to realize a dream of driving a race car at it's/our full potential. The cars were absolutely wonderful. They were everything we imagined and more. Sam, Edouard and Stephan were also great. Very polite, professional, and never made us feel like rookies, which we were. We can't wait until next year for a one or two day course.

Chuck Raggio

Driving Coaches Donna Gilio?s observations with what I was doing in the car at Thunderhill were spot on. I took what she said to heart and had a great last session. What I took from this day with the ABRS will further strengthen my odds going into the 2011 Formula Enterprise Challenge.

Don Henry

Tons of fun! If you like driving, you owe it to yourself to do this.