Daniel Burkett

The time I spent at Allen Berg Racing Schools was absolutely amazing! All of the coaches were very encouraging and positive, the analysis of data was huge in helping me advance my driving techniques throughout the day. The Thunder Hill racing facility is one of the best, and most challenging racing tracks I have been to. Overall I would say it was the highlight of my racing year.

Jean M

I have to thank Allen Berg for the most fun and informative winter driving course. I am humbled that such an accomplished race car driver takes the time ( 4 hours in -17*C) to respectfully teach the basics of winter car driving, including skid recovery and accident avoidance. He is modest about his accomplishments, but very positive and enthusiastic with all the students in the class. He drives your vehicle and makes the manoeuvres look so easy, then coaches you through the course with such calm confidence. I think it should be mandatory that all drivers should take this course! I again thank Allen for giving his time and expertise and sharing his passion.

Mark Stevens

Allen, I thought I would drop you a quick email to say ?Thank You?! Not only did Kyle have a great trip and awesome driving experience with you and the ABRS Team of professionals but apparently it was obvious it paid off instantly. The Legend Cars of Alberta Season opener was at the Wetaskiwin track last night. Kyle Qualified in P4, then started Heat 1 in 7th finishing in P1. Heat 2 he started 2nd and finished P1 again. For the final 50 lap main his points for qualifying, heat race finishes and the dice roll inversion had him starting in P1. He led from the start and dominated the track with an impressive drive that was concise, and only giving up the lead for 2 laps during the race. He quickly regained P1 as the 2nd place car had used up his tires making the bump and run pass on Kyle. Kyle was easily able to set him up for a deep, late brake inside pass into turn 3 to regain the lead. After a couple of cautions during the race he continued to drive away from the field with a clear edge over the strong top 8 competitors. The race ended on a green, white checkered finish after a very late race caution, unfortunately corner one had become an oil slick under the caution for some unknown reason and he pushed up the track on the 1st and 2nd restarts causing him to lose 2 positions. He finished off the night in 3rd and was disappointed to not take the win. After his initial disappointment, a number of fellow drivers and the Legends Dealer, all congratulating him on a great drive he knew he was the car to beat and the win was his to lose. A tough break but a good lesson was learned about recognizing the changing track conditions and a change of line after the first restart would have changed the outcome. It is a long season ahead and he quickly refocused on the Championship run not the win. I personally attribute his successful night to a strong rebuilt power plant under the hood, Ira?s wicked chassis set up and most importantly the coaching he received at your driving school. His driving was beyond smooth, he drove deeper and later into the corners using more brake then anyone else, the results of your braking exercises at Thunderhill definitely paid dividends here. The clear track drives were amazing as the other drivers faded away and in traffic it was magic to watch him set up and execute pass after pass gapping 2nd and 3rd by 15 to 20 car lengths. By looking forward, being aware of the upcoming traffic, being patient and making the pass at the right time to leave 2nd and 3rd to deal with the lapped traffic at the apex of the corners was a strategy that paid off. My sister was in the pits with us last night and she commented on how much Kyle?s driving was at a whole new level. She has supported Kyle since the first year he started in kart racing. She raced karts with Kyle at Stratotech Park when he became a senior driver and has attended many of his major races including the World Finals trip to Egypt in 2009. I want you to know that had you not sent out the email news letter when you did we would have missed this huge opportunity to run your cars at Thunderhill. So I appreciate you keeping your students and the fans (or Dads) of ABRS informed. I can?t thank you enough for the experiences you and your ABRS Team have provided Kyle in the past, this recent Thunderhill experience and how much it has shaped him as a driver. Good job, no, ?Great job and a job well done? Allen Berg.

Peter Magee

Allen , thank you very much for our private kart coaching lessons at the track .you could spends thousands of dollars on your own trying to achieve what we learned in a few hours .by the end of the day i took off a full 2 seconds of my personal best time .What a great experience especially having someone of your credentials and calibre coaching us .Ilook forward to another session this summer.thanks again , that was the best day i have ever had at the track !

Dave Kamp

I must comment on a day that will be long remembered not only for the adrenaline that?s still in my veins days afterward but also for Allen and the super team that kept everything running smoothly and safely. Being on a racetrack in a formula car is nothing less than a childhood dream coming to reality. In fact the whole day I was reminding myself I was actually doing this, in my happy place, where nothing else occupied my mind but that moment as I flew through turn 1,2,3?15. Each shift followed by a grin, which quickly changed to deep concentration to attempt to make the next corner even smoother and faster. After each session I was given PROFESSIONAL advice on ways to tidy up my laps with printed data and observations from strategic locations. Wow, I just soaked it up for the next time out on track where I had the opportunity to demonstrate what I learned! Hat?s off to Allen Berg Racing (and my Wife!), where a patient and knowledgeable team provided clear instruction and guidance making it possible for me to live a dream of driving a race car on a great race track!

Linda Cordsen

Hi Allen, Last Sunday I did the Winter Driving course with you and just want to thank you so much for it. I enjoyed it a lot and got so much out of it. It has definitely helped me this past week, not that I was in any tricky circumstances, but just to be more aware of what my car can do and how it operates. It was particularly helpful for me to see how the brakes work under snowy and icy conditions. Thanks and keep up the good work.

George McConechy

A couple of friends and myself attended the groupon day in Edmonton, WOW what a blast. The team was excellent in there hands on instruction, made us completly safe and gave us the ability to drive the track. For our first ever behind the wheel of a Formula car it was incredible. Well worth every penny. If you don`t do it you will regret it.


this was one of the best days i have had in a long time the coaches were great and the driving was even better, was well worth the money would do again any time thank you for the great day

Sonya Tisdale

Thank you for a great day of Formula Car racing. It was an exceptional education and experience. Both you and your team were outstanding in their dedication and professionalism to assist and improve on the individual performance of every driver. I greatly appreciated the personal attention and detail component of the course. Kindest regards , Sonya T