Bob Chamut

Allen: Just a note to express how fortunate I feel for having taken your road car racing course. My purpose in attending your school was to re-acquire and sharpen my driving skills in order to be more competent in ordinary road situations, and have some fun and put a big grin on my face. Your schooling attained both objectives. The big grin still ,days later, comes quite unbidden. More importantly I am definitely more competent in at least one respect: the braking exercise on the first morning session ensured that my braking ability was considerably enhanced, so much so that when confronted with a very dangerous situation on my trip to Calgary I was able to avoid a potential ?T- boneing?. South of Calgary while being followed by another vehicle and doing about 110 KMPH a vehicle approached a T intersection at right angles to my direction of travel; the driver seems to have assumed( correctly) that she could pull a safe left hand turn in front of me, however, she had not calculated that the vehicle following me would choose that moment to pass me in which case she would have had a head-on collision if she?d continued. She didn?t. She stopped directly in my path. I had already taken my foot off the accelerator. I don?t remember making a conscious decision(in retrospect there was no room to go to around to my right) but I braked-hard- as I was taught- she could have reached out and caressed the leaping Jaguar on my hood when I came to a stop. I am firmly convinced that prior to my training in your school a very bad accident would have occurred. Thank you. Please continue your newsletter to me- you never know when I might holiday in California with or without Camaro! Best wishes! Bob Chamut, A Very Satisfied Client

Indy de Silva

I attended the Introduction to Lapping course on September 23, 2011. Allen and his crew were very professional and organized. We all had fun learning and wished I could have signed for the advanced course too but unable due to family commitments.

Robert Carmichael

I was one of the noon hour (Groupon) group partaking in the driving experience, and thoroughly enjoyed it, my first time on a track and wish I would have taken up the sport 40 years ago. Please keep me on your group email and once you are set up in California, I would like to book one of your 2 or 3 day drivers programs in the new year. It was a great experience, thanks again. Robert Carmichael

Dan Clarke

Thanks again Allen. I had a fantastic time and your guys run a really great ship. I wish you all the success in the future and I will definitely look you guys up if and when I am south of the border in the future. Best regards, Daniel Clarke, P.Eng.

Randy Sturgeon

Allen: Thank you very much for setting up a great formula car lapping day for our group. We were impressed with your staffs? knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. Your briefing on the car controls using PowerPoint on the big-screen TV was just what we needed to get comfortable in a new car. We had a very full day planned and you and your staff kept us on schedule so we could complete all the sessions. There was no wasted time between sessions, but enough time to talk with the coaches and look at the data from the last session. We were also impressed with the well-prepared cars and feedback from coaches stationed around the course. Most impressive of all was the information provided by the MoTeC data system. It showed where on the track we were losing time and what we needed to do to reduce our lap times. It?s a very effective learning tool. Thanks again for a great day. We are looking forward to many more.

Paul Reinback

My name is Paul Reinbach and I attended the driving experience on January 18th, 2012 with my friend Ryan Dey. I want to thank you very much for a great time! Your entire crew were fantastic and the entire event was very professional, so Well Done! Looking forward to driving with you in future.

Chris Aldworth

I attended the Driving Experience course in January and had a great time. This is something I always wanted to do and my wife surprised me with it for our anniversary. All my friends can say is "best gift ever!" She may regret my new desire to do this more often, and we only have the excellent Allen Berg school team to blame. Can't wait to get back out on the track!

Carlos Verdenelli

Hi Allen and Crew, I took the Formula Car experience in Fontana, CA on March 1st. I signed up on LA Car Show and I was counting days until my appointment. The crew was super relaxed and easy going that makes me feel I did that this 1000 times before. The car feelx safe and powerful. I thought it going to be a promenade but after few laps we start pushing the pedal really hard. I really enjoyed it, had a really good time. Thanks a lot. Carlos V


ABRS: Thanks so much for the great experience! I had a great time at the AutoClub Speedway during the intro class in your formula vehicles. I'm a big Auto/Moto fan and always try to get track time in...I can't wait to sign up for a 2-3 day session..thanks again!