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Highway Safety and Defensive Driving Program

This proven one day program is unique to Southern California drivers, it is designed to improve driver skills and increase the awareness necessary to conduct vehicle safely across all experience levels. Although this program is a safety program, the dynamics prove to be challenging and fun for drivers of all skill levels. Much of what we teach in this program are the fundamentals derived from our other programs and are similar to driving courses in Europe. Offered year round, the Highway Safety & Defensive Driving Program is offered at the world-famous Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Some of the exercises that are included but not limited to:

  • High Speed ABS/Threshold Braking - Excellent as ABRS will simulate highway conditions.
  • Tailgating and Braking Exercises - Following too closely is often the reason why there is no time to even make an evasive maneuver.
  • Emergency Lane Change - Applying appropriate inputs and eye placement to successfully avoid an object ahead.
  • Distracted Driving - Our team will create a situation in which distractions are inevitable and will teach a driver how to combat these situations.
  • Skid Recovery - ABRS's most popular and notable exercise. This exercise is designed to teach appropriate techniques that can be the difference between becoming an accident or successfully recover from a real skid situation.

What makes ABRS's Highway Safety & Defensive Driving Program unique to others is the dynamic background and experience of ABRS Instructors and the material provided in this course which is unavailable at other driving schools. Our unique program structure allows us to identify strengths and deficiencies in each driver, then work with them to reinforce their strengths and improve their skills in deficient areas.

Here are some of the Benefits

  • Become a Better Driver
  • Reduce the fear of driving by exploring the unknowns of the road and how to combat each situation
  • Learn and practice emergency recovery and accident avoidance techniques in a supervised, safe and controlled environment
  • Experience why texting or talking on a mobile device is so hazardous
  • Develop and reinforce good driving habits
  • Understand the significance and consequences of excessive speed
  • Heightened sense of awareness - learn to identify potential driving hazards
  • Increased sensitivity to balance and attitude of car
  • Create better judgment in driving decisions
  • Night driving tips
  • Potential of lower insurance claims resulting in improved rates
  • Reduction of lost revenues due to vehicle and staff downtime
  • Potential improvement in Government Carrier Profile

These courses are run in the student's own vehicle which ensures that the student can successfully accomplish these techniques when on the road.

The program commences with a classroom session outlining the handling dynamics of a vehicle and how this relates to real-world situations and emergency maneuvers; explaining not just what to do but why these techniques work. This leads to various supervised driving exercises in student's own vehicle at our training facility.

For more information, contact us today and see how a simple investment can lead to safety and increased confidence on the road.

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Corporate Driver Safety Programs

With our extensive background in creating, developing and implementing professional driver training events, we receive many requests to provide Driver Safety Programs. Our programs are for corporate staff and employees consisting of: 

1. Classroom training session using multimedia presentation and accompanying student guidebook outlining the following core concepts.

  • Driver Attitude
  • Driver Positioning
  • Seatbelt and Engineered Survival Space
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Vision & Awareness
  • Braking
  • Ditch Entry
  • SUV’s and Pickup Trucks
  • Fatigue
  • Trip Management
  • Cell phone Use
  • Animal Collisions
  • Night Driving
  • Tire Dynamics
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Control Recovery Techniques

2. Skid pad instruction (4-6 hours) in company vehicles including:

  • Various accident avoidance and vehicle control exercises
  • Instruction and observation by Allen Berg School instructors
  • Student evaluation by instructors including;
  • Identification of causes of driving deficiencies
  • Counselling / reinforcement based on student evaluation and core concepts

3. We can also implement our Interactive Wireless Classroom Testing System

  • Questions can be developed to address specific concerns
  • Delivery design encourages group collaboration and participation
  • Immediate in-class feedback
  • Extensive reporting system
  • Results in high learning-retention
  • Identify higher risk drivers

The dynamics of these programs event prove to be very challenging for drivers of all skill levels. This program can also be directed towards specific departments or particular vehicle segments such as light trucks. In view of the workload challenges for corporate clients we can implement this program in a single day or over several, depending on numbers and time schedules. 

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