ABRS Receives SCCA Licensing Accreditation

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Abrs receives scca licensing accreditationFontana, Calif. (January 26, 2012)  – – It was announced today that the newest branch of the Allen Berg Racing Schools (at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California) is now authorized to recommend students for a Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Regional Competition License upon the student’s successful completion of the comprehensive ABRS race driving program.

From Jeff Dahnert Club President: “SCCA is pleased to welcome Allen Berg Racing Schools to our accredited driving school program.  Our members have many different needs when it comes to driver training and our accredited schools offer a valuable option to drivers interested in starting a racing career with SCCA.”

“This is great news for us and for all of our potential students,” said owner and former Formula 1 driver, Allen Berg.  “We not only try to teach car control and the technical side of driving, but, in our full three-day course, we work on racecraft and the fundamentals of competition.”

ABRS uses sleek, single-seat, open-wheel formula cars with on-board data acquisition systems as their rolling classrooms.  The cars feature a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis manufactured in Italy by Tatuus, 1,600cc twin-cam, fuel-injected engines, and 5-speed ZF sequential-shifting gear boxes.  “We’ve found these machines to give students the best feel and super-accurate feedback.  They’re precise and really respond to quick, clean driving,” Berg went on.

Already-licensed drivers or drivers who do not need to qualify for an SCCA competition license will have the option of one and two day ABRS schools at Auto Club Speedway.  “Think of our one, two, and three-day schools like stages of higher education,” said Berg. “Many students have a wonderful time learning what it takes to make a car go fast consistently, and end up understanding a great deal about themselves in our full one day schools.”

“Our two day schools are like getting a degree, and our three-day is grad school,” said Berg.  We tailor each experience differently, but at the conclusion of each of our three offerings, we feel that our students have received the absolute maximum amount of driving, coaching, feed-back, and personal involvement possible in that time period.”

Using a sophisticated MoTec data acquisition system and Contour GPS video camera (both on-board) each student can see their laps and chart their improvement throughout the track sessions.  At the conclusion of their “studies” at ABRS (one, two, or the full three days) each student is given access to a special section of the school’s website where they can download the MoTec software, their own on-track data traces, and video of their driving for home study as well as to share with friends.

“Our ability to recommend drivers for their Sports Car Club of America Regional Competition Licenses through our three-day school here at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana is something we’re very proud of,”  Berg indicated.  “We’ve got an exciting year ahead, and I’m personally looking forward to working with our students; I always learn something from each of them!”

Allen Berg has over thirty years of successful professional racing experience that includes driving in Formula 1, Two, Three, Atlantics, World Prototypes, and Indy Lights.  His style is friendly, and strongly hands-on.  Berg personally works with every person in every group that attends ABRS, taking time to listen and then answer questions about real high-performance driving that only come to the surface under controlled conditions on the road course in a real racing car.

“… You can preach racing theory all you want, but if you really want to see students ‘get it’, you send them out in a quick formula car for some fast base laps and then start the conversation at: Whoa!  Our system gets the student’s attention early-on and keeps it right on through.”

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