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Allen berg racing schools news articleThe end-goal of any given student attending a racing school may well vary considerably from others in the very same class. Some come for the purpose of beginning a lifelong career in racing, others with a desire to challenge and improve their driving skills, and still others out of the pure pursuit of a new, exciting experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Regardless of their long-term plans, however, everyone attending car racing schools has a few things in common: a love for the thrill of a high-speed adventure, a commitment to learning at least the basics of handling formula race cars on a real race track, and a desire to get the highest possible value out of the time, effort, and money they will spend training at their chosen school.

Why Choose Allen Berg Racing Schools?

The immense popularity of auto racing has led to a blossoming of racing schools across the USA, necessitating discernment on the part of would-be racing students in selecting the best racing schools out of the plethora of available options.

For those asking, “How can I identify the best driving school?” or “What is the best racing school near me?” We believe that Allen Berg Racing Schools is the answer.

Allen Berg Racing Schools holds many important advantages over other racing schools and has been an undisputed leader in racing instruction for more than a decade. Their racing programs accommodate every level of learner and are offered in one, two, and three-day time frames.

One-day programs give you a firm introduction to the fundamentals of driving a Formula race car, with plenty of time behind the wheel. Two-day programs add more advanced driving techniques and thorough instruction on every aspect of professional racing. The three-day program is extremely intense with wheel-to-wheel driving with your fellow drivers.

No other F1 racing school gives you the kind of comprehensive coverage of racing theory and long on-track racing practice that you will receive at Allen Berg Racing Schools.

Superior coaches, Cars, and Programs

One of the prime benefits of learning to race at Allen Berg Racing Schools is Allen Berg himself. No other school has a former FIA Formula One World Championship driver as its owner, and Allen Berg personally attends instruction sessions. Allen Berg’s experience as a driver, a leader of a team of race cars, and Coaches at other driving schools in the past perfectly fit him for the instructional task, and he has also assembled around him a team of other qualified racing coaches.

Phil stratford, 98 benetton b198

Another factor that sets Allen Berg Racing Schools apart is the fact you will be training in a Formula race car with a carbon-fiber chassis (not the tube frame chassis of other schools). These cars can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds and corner at 2Gs. You will have the fun of driving these “speed demons,” which due to their carbon-fiber chassis, are exceptional both in terms of performance and safety. And should you choose to enroll for the GP Experience? You can also drive the Benetton B198, which is even more powerful, capable of zero to 120mph acceleration in 3.8 seconds, and of top speeds over 200mph.

Develop Skills in Driving Formula Cars

Additionally, the skills you develop driving Formula cars are virtually universally applicable to other forms of racing, thus maximizing the value of what you learn.
The curriculum and program set up at Allen Berg is also far superior to that of other schools. It is “hands-on” from day one, versatile to meet multiple instruction-level needs, and proven effective at helping you reach your full driving potential.

Some specific benefits of Allen Berg Racing Schools driver training programs are:

  • You get to race on the famed or, alternatively, at the New Orleans Motorsports Park. These rank among the most well known race tracks in the world.
  • All driving instruction is done on-track — there are no skid pad exercises.
  • Your car will be equipped with Hankook racing slicks, not the ordinary highway tires of other racing schools.
  • You will be given in-depth data debriefing sessions, which other racing schools omit.
  • Personal instruction is provided on car handling, track orientation, and everything else you need to succeed.
  • Open lapping with passing is part of every program on the very first day.
  • Allen Berg Racing Schools is SCCA accredited for race licensing purposes.
  • It is easy to share your Allen Berg racing experience with others since is provided.


Allen Berg Racing Schools is unique among racing schools in providing a fully informed and fully engaged experience. To hear what past participants thought of their time racing at Allen Berg, read these reviews and testimonials. To learn more, call Allen Berg Racing Schools at 888-722-3220 or send us an email.

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