How To Drive A High Performance Car

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High performance car

Getting behind the wheel of a high-performance racing car on the race track is nothing short of adrenaline-inducing. We face a lot of laws when it comes to driving safely without scaring your passengers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to drive a racing car safely. Race car driving schools exist for this purpose, to teach you to respect the road, respect your car and respect your limits while you are driving at high speed.

High-performance cars were built with speed and agility in mind, and your driver education becomes expanded when you are learning to drive a sports car at a reputable racing school. A road course with the right driving instructors on the race track improves your driver education and your driving skills, making you a better driver all around.

Learning how to drive fast doesn’t mean learning how to drive recklessly. It means learning to drive some of the world’s greatest car models in a way that pushes them to their speed limits and looks fantastic at the same time. Whipping corners has never been more fun than with the right racing school guidance, and in this guide, you can learn to drive a high-performance vehicle far better than you could have imagined.

Prepare For Corners

Prepare for corner

There is a discipline behind driving a race car, and a part of that is all about preparing yourself. When you’re focusing on how smooth the drive is, you’re able to drive fast while remaining safe. You need to be in tune with the vehicle, feeling every rumble and vibration so that you can tell what the car is going to do next. When it comes to turning corners, you need a certain level of preparedness.

Downshifting is something that should always happen before you whip around a corner and in a straight line. Balance should occur before a turn, and you can practice balancing your car on a normal roundabout at a regular speed. Doing this can help you to learn the way that your car feels and how the weight of the car distributes as you approach, brake, and turn the corner.

Take Your Time

Take your time

When you are driving, you need to be patient. You want to push your high-performance racing car to the limit in speed, but you want to do it with patience. Always brake, turn and accelerate once on a corner and if you are doing any of those things twice, then you need to look into what you are doing wrong. Modern cars today are competent, and in some cases, are more capable than the driver. Learn the responses to the car and take things one bit at a time.

Be Smooth

When you are taking part in learning how to drive a high-performance car at a racing school, one thing that you will always be taught is how to be smooth with your input. You need to be smooth with your input because any sharp movements can unsettle the car, which can lead to mistakes. Driving instructors of faster cars will always teach you how to take a moment and pause before you do anything so that your car can move safely and you don’t become panicked at high speed.

Keep Looking Ahead

Looking ahead

You want to keep a fast car moving, but you don’t want a hiccup in how smooth the ride is. To avoid those hiccups, always look where you want the car to go. Look ahead properly, and your subconscious signals to your hands and feet where to go and makes the input and drive smoother. This then leads to smoother driving, which equals a much better balance in the car. Altogether, the result is a much better grip and you being more in tune with the performance of the vehicle. Looking ahead helps you to keep your mind clear and helps you to learn the car better; your driving instructors will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Respect the Brakes

Respect brakes

High-performance driving relies on you to drive fast, but drive safely. You cannot drive safely when your feet are stabbing at the brake pedal to stop the car. You need to be decisive in your movements and treat your input in the way you would a sponge: squeeze slowly, don’t slam! Squealing around corners isn’t safe driving, even though it may look fancy. Take your time, brake on time and do it safely.

Balance Your Throttle

Mastering the throttle control is vital for fast driving. It’s one of the most vital lessons you will learn in racing schools: if you accelerate, the weight goes to the rear of the car, and when you squeeze the brake, the weight sits at the front of the vehicle. Each of these high-performance driving rules affects the grip that your car has. It’s for this reason that correctly using the throttle of the car is so important. You need to maintain a neutral throttle when you are heading around a corner, which means avoiding coasting the car with your foot off the pedal. Any high-performance vehicle should drive as if it’s on rails: smooth, precise and with the correct use of the throttle.

The one first rule about driving fast is about management of the weight transfer of the vehicle. As much as possible, you need to ensure that the chassis of the car stays flat, without pressure on any particular tire. Otherwise, this creates a lean that puts too much strain on one area of the vehicle. You should drive as if you have a glass of water on the dashboard of the car, and your driving should be balanced enough so that the water doesn’t spill. This is how you know you are driving a high-performance vehicle in the right way. Heading to the right racing schools can improve your high performance driving education. Take the time to learn the laws, and you’ll be a confident racing driver in no time at all.

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  1. Avatar for Levi Armstrong Levi Armstrong on February 12, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    I really like how you mentioned that when you’re driving a high-performance car that you need to be patient and take your time. I’m thinking of getting into car racing as a hobby. If I do, I want to be sure I’m safe (and, admittedly, that I look the part).

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