New Program Dates Announced!

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New Program Dates Have been Announced for the Summer and Fall Seasons!

Thanks to high demand for our more intensive racing school programs, we have just added new dates for our One, Two, Three, and Advanced Day programs for this year. We will be bringing our school’s services to Willow Springs International Raceway, Arizona Motorsports Park, and of course our home at Auto Club Speedway. You can view a list of upcoming dates and their respective locations on our website here!

The One Day Program is designed to give driver’s the opportunity to get their start in acclimating to a proper racing car and a racing environment. They are introduced to foundational racing techniques such as the racing line, heel-toe downshifting, and car control. This is a great program for those that are just getting started.

The Advanced Day, Two Day, and Three Day Programs are designed for drivers that want to get the most out of what our school has to offer. These programs still give students a chance to get feel for our race cars and the racing environment in a safe manner, while going much more in-depth on racing techniques. Our coaches introduce more advanced practices in-car control and allow the students more track time to apply what they’ve learned.

Our racing school programs are operated by former Formula One driver Allen Berg and a full staff of professionals in the motorsports industry. The result is a wide realm of experience from all aspects of the racing world, available for you to learn from. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give for Father’s Day, or are an up-and-coming driver looking to take the next step, Allen Berg Racing Schools has programs to cater to your needs. Click here for program dates and locations!

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