BMW E30 M3 Gets A Wild Makeover Complete With Retro TicTac Livery

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Tic tac bmw m3 wild makeover

It’s minty fresh.

Check out this overhauled E30 BMW M3 that boasts a new engine and body that pays tribute to Allen Berg’s 1991 DTM car with a Tic Tac livery. It’s quite a look and is far from subtle.

The engine is the S52B32, which is the mill originally from the US-market BMW M3 E36, that makes over 800 horsepower (597 kilowatts). This one has new pistons and rods. The powerplant is turbocharged and has what the builder says is “the biggest intercooler you could find and fit with [the] stock front frame.”

The engine management system allows for switching between seven boost settings on the fly. It can run on 91 octane and ethanol.

The power runs from a five-speed manual from an E36 M3. It is upgraded with a new clutch, pressure plate, and lightweight flywheel. There’s a limited-slip rear differential.

The M3 rides on an air suspension. The brake calipers and rotors from an E46 BMW 3 Series.

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