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How to approach a race track’s three types of corners

How to Approach a Race Track’s Three Types of Corners

A race driver’s main objective is to complete a lap or race distance in the shortest amount of time. On most race tracks, the amount of time that you spend on the straights, at full throttle, is significantly more than the time that you spend in the corners. Consequently, there is more time to be gained…
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Manual transmission skills racer's toolbox

Manual Transmission Skills Are a Critical Tool in a Racer’s Toolbox

Although almost all road cars in North America are built with automatic transmissions, being able to competently use a manual transmission is very valuable in your goal to be a complete race car driver.  Rent a road car In Europe, and you have a 50/50 chance of getting a manual transmission, but that is not…
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Slow down to go fast

Slow Down…. To Go Fast!

Where, on the race track, do the world’s greatest drivers find lap time? To be clear, the objective of racers is to get around a race track in the least amount of time. At nearly all race tracks, the most amount of time is spent on the straight-aways and operating at full throttle. There’s much…
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In racing the eyes have it

In Racing, the Eyes Have it!

Throughout our history, some of the world’s greatest business leaders have been referred to as “visionaries”. This metaphor implies that game-changing companies are lead by people who have great vision. They simply see things that others have missed. This weekend, millions of people will be focused on the Super Bowl. And more specifically, the two…
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Treated like a champion

At Allen Berg Racing Schools, You’re Treated Like a Formula 1 Champion

For those of you that follow Formula 1, you have a keen sense of how these world-class athletes are treated – some might say pampered – and the parallels to how you are treated at Allen Berg Racing Schools are present from beginning to end. Leading up to that special day on your calendar when…
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Abrs puts 2020 in the rear-view mirror

Allen Berg Racing Schools Puts 2020 In The Rear-View Mirror

Local, regional, and state shutdown regulations, travel restrictions, quarantines, mask requirements, and the proper application of hand sanitizer were not part of the pre-2020 planning that Allen Berg and his staff undertook as the racing school season began in March. “All-in-all, I’d say we are very happy with how we managed to come back from…
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