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Ekn one-on-one allen berg One-on-One: Allen Berg

Canadian Hall of Fame member is now an educator and a racing dad. If you’ve raced on the national level for the last few years, you’ll likely have seen him in the pit area at a SKUSA, Challenge of the Americas, or USPKS event in the Ryan Perry Motorsports tent. Allen Berg is a quiet…
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Corporate events 100mph

Corporate Events at 100 MPH

Nothing against golf, but have you considered driving real open-wheel formula race cars, on a real race track for your next corporate event? So, your company is approaching its 10-year anniversary. You and your team have beaten the odds and proved all of the naysayers wrong. When you consider how you got here, you realize…
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A lap of weathertech raceway laguna seca

A Lap of WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

A turn-by-turn lap in one of the Allen Berg Racing Schools Tatuus carbon fibre open-wheel formula cars, as told by 14-year-old Mazda Motorsports factory driver, Alexander Berg. Turn 1: For experienced drivers, turn 1 is simple; stay on full throttle and apex in the middle of the turn, just past the crest, and then aim…
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The corkscrew welcomes its first class of 2021

The Corkscrew Welcomes Its First Class of 2021

The first Allen Berg Racing Schools three-day formula car racing school of 2021 took place March 9 – 11. And although WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is impeccably maintained, the light rain and soggy conditions that welcomed our enthusiastic staff and eager students seemed appropriate as a metaphor to wash away the challenges of 2020.  However,…
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Nick galante road america manual heel toe footwork foot cam

Nick Galante Road America Manual Heel Toe Footwork Foot Cam

Check Out This Video From Nick Galante On Heel Toe Footwork Foot Cam Ride along with Nick Galante at Road America in the #81 Bimmerworld ST F30 328i. We installed a foot cam to capture the footwork of what might be one of the last remaining years in manual gearbox professional sports car racing.  
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Book review chris pook & the history of the long beach gp

Book Review: Chris Pook & The History of The Long Beach GP

Allen Berg Racing Schools has been honored to be working alongside motorsports legend Chris Pook since he joined our Advisory Board last year. Gordon Kirby has penned an awesome story of Chris’ journey to launch and grow the Long Beach Grand Prix. Below is the review from our friends at To order the book…
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