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The berg racing team story

The Berg Racing Team Story

When former Formula One Championship driver Allen Berg decided to build a racing school, his vision wasn’t just one of training elite drivers or starting a race team.  Berg grew up driving and subsequent to his driving career, ran his own team, Scuadra Fortia, in the North American Toyota Atlantic Series. He learned a great…
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Allen featured in fastcar. Uk motorsportsnews

Allen Berg: Things Came From My Own Efforts

Discover the captivating story of Allen Berg, a Canadian racer who has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. From his humble beginnings in Calgary to competing in Formula 1 and beyond, Berg’s journey is one of determination and passion. In this exclusive blog post, delve into his experiences in British Formula 3,…
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What's the difference between f1, f2, f3, f4, and fe

What’s the Difference Between F1, F2, F3, F4, and FE?

If you’re just dipping your toe in the realm of professional motorsports, you’ll quickly realize that it’s far more diverse, complex, and electrifying than many outsiders would guess. The open-wheel racing industry features a wide range of formats, from traditional high-speed ovals to cutting-edge electric series. Whether you’re a spectator or someone who likes to…
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The ultimate guide to braking on track

Understanding Braking Issues

The brakes and braking are so critical to a good lap and you must understand how all the parts in the brake system have an impact on everything that happens after you hit the brake pedal. Just telling the engineer that the brakes “don’t work” doesn’t tell him anything about the problem you’re having. The…
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Doran motorsports group & berg racing join forces for 2024 campaign

Doran Motorsports Group and Berg Racing Join Forces for 2024 Campaign

April 11, 2024 – In an effort to strengthen both programs, Doran Motorsports Group (DMG) and Berg Racing have joined forces for the 2024 season. Berg DMG Racing is set to compete in the 2024 Ligier JSF4 Series, and the effort will lean on experience and the drive to win to ensure success this coming season.  DMG…
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Allen berg: the motorsport magazine article - nov 2023 issue

Allen Berg: The Motorsport Magazine Article –  November 2023 Issue

His time as a 1980s Formula 1 backmarker was all too brief, yet there was so much more to the colourful racing life of this Canadian, who is still carving his own niche today. AUTHORDamien Smith Forty years ago, a 21-year-old unknown from Alberta, Canada, pitched up in England with dreams of racing in Formula…
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