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Attended the April 9th session at Fontana and I had no idea what to expect but the whole experience exceeded my expectations. And I haven't stopped smiling since... I had a very bad car accident a couple of years ago and been trying to recover mentally and physically from that and this was exactly what I needed to get some self confidence and put a smile back on my face. I got separated from the group because I was NOT going to be the one in my group to spin out in the car so slowed down on the curves and the group took off without me but the day was brighten by finding out who was in the Porsche leading me around the track and getting to meet Allen Berg at the end. I love all forms of racing but now I have even more appreciation for the drivers and now a bigger fan of the sport. Looking forward to scheduling another session to add to my already great experience. Thank you Allen and your entire staff... It was a AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!

Meleta Mccullough

I had just done the NASCAR driving program the week before and it was pretty exciting. But, for the cost it's over in 3 minutes in the car. And, there's no real driving per se. You basically take off, get into 4th gear, and hold it there for a couple laps. I'm not taking anything away from the NASCAR Experience program, it's just over way too quick. Allen Berg's program is way different and much more of a driving experience! The formula cars are much more fun to drive because you get to actually make lots of turns, accelerate, and shift. Plus, and this is BIG, you get to complete several laps. Now, I wish as most people probably do, there were more laps but it really is worth the experience. By the way, the mini van ride around the track before driving is almost worth the cost of admission.

Brian Sawyer

Highly recommend for a thrilling experience. This team is well organized, knowledgeable and they actually care about the quality of your visit. The equipment is all in good shape and they take their time with you to assure everything is right. Allen Berg is very hands-on. This should go on your MUST LIST.

Joel Grady

Allen- I attended Fast Track on Oct 3,2012 and want to thank you for an outstanding experience and congratulate you for having put together such a superlative team of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people. And you, the "main guy", there to greet and instruct everyone! Don't see how it could have been better! So many friends thought I was crazy to do this at my age (64), I can't wait to show them the video . THANKS again, Mark

Mark Andrews

On behalf of Caliber and our guests yesterday, I wanted to say thank you for a spectacular day. The guys enjoyed themselves and said it was a great experience that they will most likely want to do again. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. I appreciate the patience you had in planning our event. Doug and Jim were pleased with your staff and extend their thanks as well. Best regards, Orlin

Orlin Pilapil

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