The Well-Tuned Racer: a Quick Introduction to Strength and Conditioning for Racing Drivers

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Tuned racerIf you’re reading this, you must be a lighting quick driver, and you just finished a fast lap testing, qualifying, or racing. (If you’re not, I give you permission to pretend you are for the duration of this short introduction.). So you have the speed, talent, and determination. But are you in great physical condition so that you can repeat and enhance, your performance today, tomorrow, and over the long-haul of your career? Your physical condition is what allows your talent to shine and happen, and it’s not set in stone. It can be improved with your habits and routines, and of course, it can also worsen with the wrong habits and routines. Your body is governed by natural principles innate to your Biology. It’s similar to the way the sun rises and falls, gravity pulls things to the Earth, and a farmer reaps his harvest. It is authentic.

As a coach, life-long athlete, sports enthusiast, and friend, I’m going to share with you perspectives to consider on safe, highly productive physical conditioning for drivers. Please, keep in mind, that the body and mind are connected. They can synergize for the better. Similar to how a driver harmonizes and “zones in” with his car. The first article will provide conditioning acumen relating to recovering from tough practices and races. We’ll go from there.

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Daniel Sanchez is a strength and conditioning coach, life-long athlete, and sports enthusiast. He strives daily to become a complete and impeccable coach and trainer, by learning incessantly from rigorous resources, including the most rigorous teacher of all-- everyday life. He enjoys the challenges and chances for developing creative-- yet, often simple, solutions as a coach. However, he is committed to being a quality friend and person, first. He wishes you the best as you live your life like it truly matters-- because it does. He is based in Southern California and can be contacted at:

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