10 Questions with ABRS Graduate Joey Bickers

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We took a few minutes with Allen Berg Racing School Graduate, Team USA Alumni and current racer Joey Bickers. Take a look at what he’s been up to since going through his first laps in an open wheel car with ABRS.

Abrs grad joey bickers climbs up the racing ladder

You can learn more about joey bickers and his racing career here.

  1. When do you first remember getting the motorsports bug? JB – I was very young so I don’t really remember too well. I have always loved cars, since a very young age cars have been my passion.
  2. What did you first do to get behind the wheel? JB – Haha, well I had to convince my dad to let me drive the family car in an open parking lot, I think I was 12 or 13. I just loved it, I was just so intrigued by driving, every aspect of it.
  3. What were your first steps to gaining the fundamentals in a race car? JB – For me it was driving in the dirt. I had an off-road truck at age 17 that I used to take out everyday as just a hobby. But it was very addicting, I was addicted to the feeling of driving on the limit of traction.
  4. After your time at the Allen Berg Racing School, what were the steps you were able to take to start race competition? JB – After Allen Berg I got my SCCA license and started racing Spec Miata. I was fortunate enough to win the championship my rookie year, and went on to earn a fully funded ride in the Mazda MX-5 Cup through the Mazda club racer shootout.
  5. What type of exercises/training tools do you use to keep sharp with your driving skills? JB – Fitness has been becoming more and more important to me. I have done a couple of triathlon’s now and am becoming more and more in time with my fitness level, which I am trying to improve everyday. I also do some time on the iRacing simulation software to prepare for new circuits.
  6. Tell us a little bit about your experience as a Team USA Scholarship driver. JB – Team USA…What an award! It was the best time of my racing career; maybe not in terms of results and performance, but in terms of learning and gaining new experience. It’s a priceless amount of knowledge you gain, and fun! 🙂
  7. You’ve spent time in booth open wheel race cars and Miatas. What are some of the differences between racing the two cars? JB – Very different driving styles between the two cars. The miata is very soft, somewhat forgiving to your mistakes. The open wheel cars are much more precise, require more physical effort and don’t allow for many mistakes. Both are great cars to drive.
  8. The season is coming to a close, what were some of the highlights of 2014? JB – Well my 2014 season has already ended. I finished 5th in points in MX-5 Cup, and built a good relationship with Mazda and the CJ Wilson team throughout the year. It was my first year racing on the Pro circuit, so there were many new lessons. Overall I enjoyed my time and have Mazdaspeed and CJ Wilson racing to thank for it all.
  9. Your plans for 2015, where do you see your career path going? JB – I would like to be back in an open wheel series, I’m not sure where exactly I’ll be, but my heart is in open wheel racing.
  10. What would you recommend to a motorsports enthusiast looking to start a driving career? JB – You have to have a real passion for racing, for driving. If you have that, you will go far. Be motivated to learn as much as you can, and to try your best every time out.

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