10 Questions with ABRS Graduate & Asia FR2000 Series Vice Champion Maxx Ebenal

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We had the opportunity to speak with Allen Berg Racing School Graduate and current racer Maxx Ebenal. Maxx is a very accomplished racing driver and recently earned vice-champion of the Asian Formula Renault 2.0 series in his rookie season. Learn more about his roots in racing and where he’s headed.

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Alcaniz (esp) nov 3-5 2014 – collective test world series by renault 2014 at motorland aragon. Maxx ebenal #10 tech 1 racing. Portrait. © 2014 sebastiaan rozendaal / dutch photo agency / lat photographic

  1. When do you first remember getting the motorsports bug?I did not grow up around motorsport, and was never introduced to it at an early age. My first experience with motorsport was in 2006 when I was 19 years old at the bridestone racing academy. I saved up my money and did a day in their 1985 reynards.
  2. What did you first do to get behind the wheel?Right out of high school, I moved away from home to work in the oil field. I worked as a laborer on a natural gas pipeline crew for a year. I saved up enough money to go to racing school at the bridgestone racing academy.
  3. What were your first steps to gaining the fundamentals in a race car?While I was completing my first year of “mechanic training program” at the bridgestone racing academy, We were taught all the basic techniques of racing cars.
  4. After your time at the Allen Berg Racing School, what were the steps you were able to take to start race competition?After I completed a day training at the ABRS, I went back to work on the natural gas pipeline as a laborer for another year to save money to do more racing.
  5. What type of exercises/training tools do you use to keep sharp with your driving skills?I go to the gym 5-6 days a week where I mostly only do high rep excercises, and lots of endurance cardio. When available, I try to train in the sauna to build my tolerance to hot temperatures.
  6. You have battled much more than just the competition over the course of your lifetime and your story is very inspiring. How do you think it helped you in the pursuit of your racing dream?Having brain tumors was a big part of my life. After the surgeries, I have had to deal with a lot of post surgery side effects that affect me mentally. (depression, mood changes, etc) Learning to overcome these mental issues has helped me be able to translate it into my racing by staying positive/disciplined in my pursuit of a racing career.
  7. The season is coming to a close, what were some of the highlights of 2014?Throughout the season, together with the team, we were able to raise over $10,000usd for sick children. That was my number one highlight forsure. I like making racing about MORE than just racing. I really loved getting the pole position…. I got 4 this year. I enjoyed this more than winning races, I don’t know why. Having my dad at the last race weekend was also very special for me. It was the first time he has ever seen me race. Multiple times this season I received anonymous financial contributions to my racing. Obviously this was very special to have someone care so much that they would want to help me continue the racing season.
  8. Your plans for 2015, where do you see your career path going?My current plans are to compete in the 2015 Pro Mazda Championship, as well as contest multiple rounds of the Ultra94 Porsche GT3 Cup Canada. I will be happy to race any car, any location. But I have set a goal of racing in Indy Car within a few years.
  9. What would you recommend to a motorsports enthusiast looking to start a driving career?The way I have continued to race cars is VERY unconventional, so I would not recommend to follow in my footsteps, as I have chosen a very difficult route (because it is my only option) This question is WAY too broad. I cannot give a definitive answer without knowing the persons financial/life situation. One recommendation MAY be perfect for an individual with low finances, but would be horrible for an individual with unlimited finances. And vice-versa .
  10. How can people keep up with your racing career for 2015 and into the future?I have a personal website www.maxxspeed.ca with all links to facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

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Allen Berg ranks among Canada's top racing personalities. He won the Formula Pacific Tasman Championship, won at Silverstone against Ayrton Senna and Martin Brundle in perhaps the greatest year ever in British Formula 3, and qualified for nine starts in F1, a record bettered among his countrymen only by Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve.

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