$595 Three Hour ‘Fast Track’ Formula Car Program!

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Allen Berg Racing Schools have announced a new driving program option aimed at drivers who want more than just a one-time “experience” behind the wheel of a fast formula car on a challenging road course.

“We’ve listened to our customers who’ve told us that they needed more seat time, but that they also need something that would fit well into their budgets. That why we’ve come up with this course that includes many of the features of our multi-day class sessions, but that can accomplished in a little under half a day,” said Berg.

One of the “open secrets” in true learning and real satisfaction for a serious student of formula car racing is going out on the racecourse at least twice in the same day. “The first session in one of our cars, almost regardless of one’s experience level, is very keen,” explained Allen Berg, himself a former Formula One driver, the chief driving Coaches.

The new program, dubbed: “Fast Track Formula”, and priced at an affordable $595, becomes available on June 14 and July 12 at ABRS’s Auto Club Speedway southern California location in Fontana.

“One’s first time out in a full carbon fiber formula car really gets your full and undivided attention. Even if you driven a fast car before, light as our cars are, combined with the kind of road grip that they have on their Hankook slicks, powered by a 1,600cc twin-cam racing engine backed up with a 5-speed sequential gearbox, sends heavy waves of sensation through a driver’s hands and posteriors,” Berg went on. “The experience is electrifying.”

With this new, moderately-priced option, the serious student will be able to come back in, cool off a bit, think about it, think about what they were doing, and then take back to the track with a clearer understanding of the mechanics of the car, the track, and their own reaction to all the inputs which are no longer a surprise. “All of those feelings: downforce, sideload, grip, the impossibly strong braking, all coming a you through that super-rigid carbon fiber chassis, have now become old friends,” Berg said.

“The second time out in one of our cars is liberating, almost relaxing. At that point one really can start to absorb the subtleness that it takes to make a formula car go fast and to do precisely what you want it to do.”

And like the pros, data acquisition and in-car video are an important part of this experience. Each student will get a personal video of the laps that drive on the Auto Club Speedway road course. And … just for the record, at the end of their sessions all ABRS drivers will be handed a print-out of their best lap against a pro’s numbers to give them an idea of where they are in their own quest for personal speed. Whether one is there to start a pro career or to really see what it’s like out there once and for all, this option is a smart way to go about it.

As mentioned earlier, Allen Berg Racing Schools begin offering this course June 14 at its Auto Club Speedway branch in Fontana, California. For more information on the schools, check out the full range of services available at: www.allenbergracingschools.com.

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