Contour GPS HD Camera confirmed as ABRS Hands Free Camera

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Contour gps hd camera confirmed as abrs hands free cameraABRS has just concluded an arrangement whereby Contour Camera and its Contour GPS HD Camera is the offical Hands Free Camera for ABRS.

Commencing at our next Two day Formula program at Thunderhill May 11, 12 and June 22 these hi-def beauties will be mounted to our racecars. Additionally our students wlll have the opportunity to hand carry our cameras around the paddock during their time with us for additional filming to personalizeyour time at ABRS!

“I’m excited to be working with ABRS” adds Dan Strickland, Director of Partnership Marketing for Contour Cameras. “They’re one of the most prestigious schools in the world, and a great partner for for Contour’s innovative hands-free cameras.  We’ll be working together to create an unforgettable user experience.”

These cameras are also equipped with GPS locating to show where on the track you are located, as well as speed and altitude readouts. (Note: we are happy to see new speed records set by our students but no attempts at altitude records please).

We dont have any footage to show you yet but here is a link to some great vids on the Contour website

We will be offering this same service at no additional charge for our summer karting and road car programs. How often do you get to blast around a racetrack and get video footage to send to your buddies? You too can be famous on Youtube!

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