Corporate Events at 100 MPH

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Corporate events at 100 mph 1

Nothing against golf, but have you considered driving real open-wheel formula race cars, on a real race track for your next corporate event?

So, your company is approaching its 10-year anniversary. You and your team have beaten the odds and proved all of the naysayers wrong. When you consider how you got here, you realize that you couldn’t have done it without the support of several key customers. You decide to both celebrate the milestone and to thank those who got you here by hosting a corporate outing. How about a paintball competition? Maybe you can rent a suite for the next NFL game. Deep-sea fishing or a whale watch outing would be great. Of course, there’s always golf, complete with personalized, monogrammed towels and logo’d golf balls. But, if you want a memorable event that deepens relationships, educates, entertains, and has the long-term benefits that will last well after the event, then you need to consider a day at the track with Allen Berg Racing Schools.

“The most successful events, from the standpoint of providing that wow factor, are when none of the guests know that they are going to be driving real open-wheel race cars on a real race track like WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca”, explains Allen Berg, former Formula 1 driver and founder and CEO of Allen Berg Racing Schools. “They plan the event well in advance, have their guests block out the time on their calendars, have everyone meet – maybe the night before at a nearby hotel – and then load them onto a bus and bring them to the track. When they get there, they see our fleet of race cars lined up and the adrenaline and rush of emotions take over.”

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One of the biggest obstacles that we face is the perception that this type of event is only available or attractive to people who have an interest in auto racing, and those who have experience with a standard transmission road car. The reality is that if you can drive, we can teach you to drive our race cars, even if you’ve never driven a car with a gear shift lever. Men, women, young, old, we’ve trained them all, and the speed at which people adapt to the race cars is such a great metaphor for overcoming challenges in the workplace, meeting and exceeding goals and objectives, and rapid personal development. The feeling of accomplishment your guests will get from the improvement they see throughout the day is fantastic and long-lasting.

These 100% customizable events can be used for B2B, B2C, current customer or vendor appreciation, employee recognition, reward, and team building, for new product rollouts, new customer acquisition, charitable fundraising, to celebrate your upcoming IPO, or your latest round of venture capital funding, and much more. The sky’s the limit!

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Allen Berg Racing Schools can work with you and/or your event planning partner to completely customize the experience. Things like custom, personalized race suits, and helmets, trophies, your own PA announcer doing play-by-play, victory podium ceremonies, media interviews, social media posts, professional photography and videography, on-board cameras, and the race cars can even be wrapped in a livery that features your company’s – or those of your customers or vendors branding elements – logos, color palette and more. Imagine rolling up onto pit lane at Laguna Seca, and seeing a dozen race cars with your company logo, as well as your guest’s names on the sides of the car, just like Allen’s Formula 1 car had.

As with all successful corporate events, planning well in advance is critical. The race track is booked sometimes a year or more in advance, so have a look at your upcoming milestones and then let’s discuss how we can create a memorable event that your guests will be talking about forever.


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