Experience the rush
 of Formula Cars

At WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Experience the rush
 of Formula Cars

At WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca


Driver Testimonial

Excellent 4.8 Based on 250 reviews and ratings based on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo Local.

Scott hulme

Scott Hulme

Without question, the experience of a lifetime. A memory maker you will never forget. Truly an "investment" in joy vs. an "expense" for entertainment. ABRS in a league of its own. Instructors are world class; all competitive racers with a compelling desire to ensure your growth, safety, and enjoyment. Quality and quantity of instruction is invaluable; video, in car data, lectures, one on one mentoring. Equipment is stellar; new, clean, trustworthy, top notch (on site mechanics are quite skilled). And they do not miss the peripheral items such as food & beverage; excellent and they gladly met the needs of someone who had special dietary constraints. Support staff is quite professional and friendly. We will be back for certain!
Joey metzger

Joey Metzger

What a wonderful day and what a great experience. This was on my bucket list and lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. Allen runs such a professional and well organized school and program, and all of the instructors were excellent. Safety and proper driving techniques were stressed, but always with the understanding that we were here to enjoy and get the most out of the experience. One of my favorite parts was the morning track walk with Allen. Not only the thorough analysis of the track and driving needed, but also his experiences and stories were worth it alone. Thank you so much Allen Berg Racing. Was truly a lifelong experience that I will treasure.

David armstrong

David Armstrong

This is a first class experience with amazing people. The track walk with Allen Berg each morning was the highlight to 'see' the track from a driver, every detail, every corner. This school has plenty of driving, the flow of instruction and track time was perfect; no wasted time and improvement every lap. My 14yr old son took the class after a few years of karting experience, perfect match. 108mph and 1:42.08 time.


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instruction by FIA Formula One World Championship Driver Allen Berg

Physical Exhiliration

Open Lapping with passing on first day in all programs Carbon Fiber Chasis for better performance and safety.
GoPro Cameras share your experience with friends and family Racing Slicks from Landsail
0-60 in Under 4 Seconds Corner Up to 2 G’S in corners and under braking

Mental Exhiliration

Best Value more track time per dollar than any other school. Versatile Programs for seasoned racers to drivers with no experience Data Debriefing in Two, and Three Day Programs
Personal instruction by Former Formula One World Championship Driver Allen Berg* at every event. SCCA Accredited for race licensing Race in WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
 Best Learning Platform to apply your experience towards all other forms of racing  1 Coach for every 2 Drivers
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Join Allen Berg Racing Online Training Program

Allen Berg Racing Schools is temporarily offering personalized, one-to-one online training by its top-level drivers and coaches. Choose any track, any racecar, any platform, and our coaches will assist you in reaching higher levels of performance and improved results in your virtual racing endeavors.

Formula Racing School Programs

Three-Day Program

In this advanced program you will apply all the skills developed over three days of intensive training that will culminate with your driving wheel to wheel against other racers.


Two-Day Program

Our premier program where you will gain comprehensive insight into professional race driving. We provide thorough classroom theory, advanced driving techniques and meticulous instruction, which ultimately results in driving our Formula racecars at their limits.

One-Day Advanced

For recent graduates of our one, two and three-day Formula Car Programs and experienced formula car drivers, we offer the second and third day of our two and three-day program which allows ABRS drivers to refresh, refine, and apply the special techniques and unique skills acquired during the basic course.

Two-Day Advanced

Our premier program that is a combination of our one-day and lapping/advanced programs where you will gain a comprehensive insight into professional race driving. We provide thorough classroom theory, advanced driving techniques and meticulous instruction, which ultimately results in driving our Formula racecars at their limits.

One-Day Lapping & Data Program

For qualified drivers that have participated in our two or three-day or Advanced Lapping programs, ABRS now offers a one-day lapping program utilizing the full data systems installed in our formula racecars, with semi-private coaching immediately following each session.

Formula Racing

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